Research Reports


Adam, Thomas. The Scholarship Program of the General Education Board from 1950 to 1954.

Adler, Paul. Planetary Citizens: U.S. NGOs and the Struggle Over Globalization, 1972-1989.

Aitken, Rob. Film and the Making of Postwar Internationalism: Progressive Filmmaking at the Rockefeller Boards, 1934-1945.

Akami, Tomoko. Victor Heiser and the Rockefeller Foundation as a Medium for the Intercolonial Transfer of Health Management Knowledge in Asia in the Era of the League of Nations.

Allison, Jessica. Transnational Medicine: The Rockefeller Foundation and Cuba, 1913-1950.

Altink, Henrice. From a Clinical to a Public Health Problem?: The Control of Tuberculosis in Jamaica, c. 1918-1982.

Amdam, Rolv Petter. The US and the International Professionalization of the Top-Manager, 1945-1980s.

Amrith, Sunil. Rockefeller Foundation and Postwar Public Health in India.

Andrews, Thomas G. The Road to Ludlow: Work, Environment, and Industrialization in Southern Colorado, 1869-1914.

Attal, Frédéric. The Rockefeller Foundation Fellows and Grants in the Humanities and Social Sciences, 1924-1970: Renewing Social Sciences, Reshaping Academic Disciplines, and the Making of a Transnational Network in Italy.

Baker, Stephanie. The Limitations of International Health Campaigns: Mexico's Experience with the Rockefeller Foundation, 1940-1950.

Baranski, Marci. The wide adaptation of wheat: Expanding the Rockefeller Foundation's international agricultural research program.

Barnes, Nicole Elizabeth. The Rockefeller Foundation's China Medical Board and Medical Philanthropy in Wartime China, 1938-1945.

Barona, Josep. The Rockefeller Foundation and the League of Nations: Cooperation in International Health.

Barrett, Marsha. 'Governor Rockefeller for Governor': The 1966 New York Gubernatorial Campaign.

Barrett, Marsha. The Rockefeller Era: 1958-1966.

Bator, Stefanie. The Rockefeller Foundation and the Philippine Islands, 1913-1935.

Bator, Stefanie. Women are the Way Forward: The Rockefeller Foundation in the Philippines, 1923-1932.

Bauerkämper, Arnd. U.S. Foundations and Scientific Funding in West Germany, 1945 to the mid-1970s.

Baum, Emily. The Peking Union Medical College and Beiping Psychopathic Hospital.

Bell, Heather. Yellow Fever in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan

Benmergui, Leandro. The Transnationalization of the Urban "Question" in Post War Latin America

Berrin, Kathleen. Nelson A. Rockefeller: U.S. Art Museums and Diplomacy Before, During and After World War II.

Boger, Gretchen. How Missionaries' Ideas and Experiences Impacted a Broader American Christian Community in the 20th Century.

Borck, Cornelius. Mediating Philanthropy in Changing Political Circumstances: The Rockefeller Foundation's Funding for Brain Research in Germany, 1930-1950.

Borrell, A. Joseph. Running Head: Formative Foudation Support Research Note on Formative Foundation Support for Minority-Language Broadcasting.

Bosemberg, Luis Eduardo. The U.S., Nazi Germany, and the CIAA in Latin America during WW II

Bottomley, Edward-John. Training Poor Whites: The General Education Board and Southern Education.

Bourmaud, Philippe. A stage for policy making: health promotion and the making of public health problems in Jerusalem from the Ottomans to the Mandate (1908-1925).

Bourbonnais, Nicole. The Population Council in the Decolonizing Caribbean.

Brady, Gordon L. The Rockefeller Foundation's Financing of the NBER Study of the Soviet Economy.

Bracken, Hillary. Public Health or Rural Reconstruction? Developing Pratapgarh District, 1930-1940.

Braun, Ramona. Agents of Fertility: The Ford Foundations' Fertility Research Program Guided by its Biomedical Advisors.

Briggs, Jill. "Jamaica Advancing"?: The Rockefeller Tuberculosis Commission and the Tensions Between Research and Eradication.

Briggs, Jill. The Jamaica Hookworm Commission (1918-1920).

Brinkmann, Mankel. Fighting World Hunger on a Global Scale: The Rockefeller Foundation and the Green Revolution in Mexico.

Brison, Jeffrey. The Memory of Mackenzie King: American Philanthropy, "a Canadian biography and Canadian History."

Brock, Julia. Northern Hunting Plantations in the Red Hills Region, 1870-1930.

Brodski, Yehonathan. The Near East Foundation Records at the Rockefeller Archive Center.

Browne, Adrian. Researching Uganda's national parks at the RAC

Bruce, Kyle. Democracy or Seduction? The Demonization of Scientific Management and the Deification of Human Relations.

Bu, Liping. John B. Grant and Public Health in China.

Burns, James. Unhooking the Hookworm: The Making and Uses of a Public Health Film.

Buxton, William. Imagining Rockefeller Center.

Buxton, William. Rockefeller Family Support for W1XAL/WRUL, "Boston's Vest-pocket BBC"

Buxton, William. Rockefeller Support for Projects on the Use of Motion Pictures for Educational and Public Purposes, 1935-1954.

Canavan, Barbara. Collaboration Across the Pond: Influenza Virus Research.

Capello, Ernesto. Imaginary Hemispheres: Myriad Latin American Perspectives Engage Nelson Rockefeller in 1969.

Capello, Ernesto. Writing the Gringo Patron: Popular Responses to Nelson Rockefeller's 1969 Presidential Mission to Latin America

Caramellino, Gaia. Rockefeller Family Involvement in New York Housing during the 1930s: European Models and the American Legacy.

Carroll, Katherine L. Modernizing the American Medical School and its Architecture.

Cassata, Francesco. An American Utopia: Adriano Buzzati-Traverso (1913-1983) and the International Laboratory of Genetics and Biophysics in Naples.

Castagneto, Pierangelo. Hostilities against Malaria: The Rockefeller Foundation in Bulgaria.

Caulier, Mathieu. The Making of Global Biomedical Science: Christopher Tietze and the Globalization of Contraceptive Research.

Ceglio, Clarissa. The Wartime Work of U.S. Museums.

Chambré, Susan. Hegemony or Collaboration? The Role of Foundations in Tuberculosis and Polio Policy, 1885-1930.

Cho, Eunjoo. Population Control and Local Elites in the "Third World": the Family Planning Program in Postcolonial South Korea.

Clemens, Elisabeth. Private Philathropy and the Public Sector.

Cohen, Antonin. The Scientific Construction of Europe: Comparing the Birth and Development of European Integration Studies across Nations (1945-1975).

Cohen, Jonathan. For a Dollar and a Dream: State Lotteries and the American Culture of Inequality, 1964-2014.

Cummiskey, Julia. Placing Global Science in Africa: International Networks, Local Places, and Virus Research in Uganda, 1936-2012.

Curry, Helen Anne. The Rockefeller Foundation and the Conservation of Genetic Diversity in Agricultural Crops.

Crowe, Nathan. A Search for Context: Cloning Teqhniques and the Work of Paul Weiss, 1930s-1960s.

Dahlquist, Marina. Unhooking the Hookworm: The Rockefeller Foundation and Mediated Health.

D'Antonio, Patricia. Rockefeller Foundation and Health Demonstration Projects 1920-1940.

da Silva, Claiton Marcio. Science, Agriculture and Nation Building: IRI Research Institute (IRI) and the Conquest of the "Campos Cerrados" in Brazil (1946-1980).

da Silva Magalhães, Rodrigo Cesar. International Cooperation in Health in the Interwar Period: The Rockefeller Foundation's Worldwide Anti-Yellow Fever Campaign and its Implementation in Brazil (1918-1939).

Dawood, Azra. 'Prevailing' Upon the World. John D. Rockefeller, Jr. & the Architecture of International Houses (1921-1936).

de Souza, Carlos Roberto. Para la defensa de las Americas: The Pictorial Magazine En Guardia in Nelson A. Rockefeller's Propaganda Compaign for Latin America during World War II.

Del Gais, Deborah. Two Remarkable Women/Sisters

del Real, Patricio. Building a Continent: The Museum of Modern Art and the Politics of Circulating Images.

deRouvray, Cristel. Joseph Willits, Anne Bezanson and Economic History: 1939-1954.

De Sutter, Bart. Competing utopias: the relationship between human rights and peace in the policy of the Ford Foundation (1975-2000)

Dighe, Ranjit.S. Business Support for Prohibition and Its Repeal

Dochuk, Darren. Anointed With Oil: God and Black Gold in Modern America.

Drago, Fulvio. Dealing with an Interdependent and Fragmented World: The Origins of the Trilateral Commission.

Dugac, Zeljko. Rockefeller Philanthropy and Health Education in Croatia.

Dugac, Zeljko. The Rockefeller Foundation in Croatia - Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes (Kingdom of Yugoslavia).

Dunning, Claire. Private Money and the Public Good: Nonprofit Organizations in Two Eras of Boston's Urban Development, 1960-1990.

Ekbladh, David. The Internationalist's Hub: Rockefeller Funds and "Being in a Troublesome World" of the 1930s and 1940s.

Elman, Cheryl. Fertility Differentials Between African American and White Women in the Early Twentieth Century American South.

Engle, Elizabeth. Colter Bay Village: Understanding the Historic Significance of the Recent Past in Grand Teton National Park.

Engle, Elizabeth. Cultural Resources in a "Natural" Park: Early Preservation Efforts at Menor's Ferry in Grand Teton National Park.

Engstrom, Susannah. The Potentials of Performance: the Role of the Rockefeller Foundation and Rockefeller Brothers Fund in the Development of Regional Professional Theater.

Fang, Xiaoping. Dedicated to a Medical Career in the "Heaven Below": David Duncan Main's Correspondence, 1914-1926.

Faria, Lina Rodrigues de. Scientific Traditions in Brazil: The History of the Instituto de Higiene in Sao Paulo.

Farrington, Joshua. Forgotten Republicans: African Americans and the Party of Lincoln, 1948-1972.

Faure, Justine. The Rockefeller Foundation Fellows in Social Sciences: Transnational Networks and Construction of Disciplines - The Example of East Central Europe.

Flynn, Karen. African American Nurses and Travel: Collaboration and Social Remittances.

Foks, William. British anthropology and the idea of the 'primitive society', c. 1920-1970.

Foote, Nicola. Race, Gender and Public Policy in Ecuador, 1895-1960.

Foster, Shawn. John Black Grant's Public Health Effort in China, 1918-1937.

Foster, Shawn. The Rockefeller Foundation, The Japanese Public Health Profession, and China, 1914-1938.

Frontani, Heidi. NGOs, Disease Control, and Development: The Rockefeller Foundation and Wellcome Trust in Colonial Africa.

Furmansky, Dyana. Role Model for a Conservationist: John D. Rockefeller's Relationship to Nature.

Gauthier, Shaloma. Efforts to Eradicate Malaria in Palestine.

Gauthier, Shaloma and Rodogno, Davide. The Near East Relief's Caucasus Branch Operation (1919-1920).

Gavrus, Delia. Perfect Timing: Policy Change at the Rockefeller Foundation and the Establishment of the Montreal Neurological Institute.

Gell-Redman, Micah. A Review of Programmatic Material on Malaria Control Campaigns.

Gioielli, Robert. Foundations and American Environmentalism after World War Two.

Giraud, Yann. Visualizing the American Economy: from Social Science to Mass-Communication and Beyond, 1920s-1960s.

Gitre, Edward. One Nation, Under Adjustment: How World War II Subverted American Individualism.

Godden, Judith. The Rockefeller Foundation and Australian Nursing.

Goldstein, Brian. A City Within a City: Community Development and the Struggle Over Harlem, 1961-2001.

González, Elisa. Food for Every Mouth: Nutrition, Agriculture, and Public Health in Puerto Rico, 1926-1966.

Goswami, Shashwati. The Role of the Ford Foundation in Shaping Family Planning Communication Policies in India.

Gouda, Frances. Discipline versus Gentle Persuasion in Colonial Public Health: The Rockefeller Foundation's Intensive Rural Hygiene Work in the Netherlands East Indies, 1925-1940.

Griffith, Sarah. Survey of Race Relations on the Pacific Coast, 1923-1925.

Guthrie, Jason. Enrique Sanchez de Lozada, the Andean Indian Program, and the Rockefeller Archive Center (RAC): A Report on Research at the Archives.

Guy, Geoffrey. Planning Through the Private Sphere and the Transformation of Reform in Early Twentieth Century America.

Hagesfeld, Elise. Shaping the Debate and Setting Standards: Foundation Philanthropy and Reforming Child Welfare, 1909-1940.

Hall, Marcus. Today Sardinia, Tomorrow the World: Malaria, the Rockefeller Foundation, and Mosquito Eradication.

Hamilton, David. Alexis Carrel's Career at the Rockefeller Institute.

Hauptmann, Emily. The Development of Philanthropic Interest in the Scientific Study of Political Behavior.

Heng, WEN. The Rockefeller Foundation's Involvement in China's Development of Modern Science in the 1920s.

Herman, Rebecca. Public Health and Hemisphere Defense during World War II.

Hess, Gary R. The Rockefeller Foundation & Economic Development in India, 1950-1975.

Heukelom, Floris. A Sense of Mission: The Alfred P. Sloan and Russell Sage Foundation's Behavioral Economics Program (1984-1992).

Hilmes, Michele. Creating Links between British and American Broadcasters in the 1930s.

Hinck, Laurie. Intersections and Detours: Tracing Standard Oil's Trails through Grand Teton National Park

Hinokawa, Shizue. The Rockefeller Foundation's Decision-making Process in Funding the 184-inch Cyclotron.

Hitchcock, Laurel Iverson. Coordinated Care for Crippled Children in New York during the Infantile Paralysis Epidemic of 1916

Hochman, Gilberto. Parasitology, Communism, and the Cold War in Brazil (1950s - 1970s)

Holmes, Todd. The Ever-Shrinking Middle Ground: Nelson Rockefeller in the Face of Reaganism.

Honigsbaum, Mark. The Road Taken: René Dubos' journey from microbiologist to ecologist

Horne, Julia. The Rockefeller Foundation and the Modern Australian University, 1926-1942.

Huang, Yu-ling. The Population Council and Population Control in Postwar East Asia.

Huang, Yu-Ling. The Population Council, World Population Problem, and Contraceptive Studies during the Early Postwar Era.

Hubbard, Joshua. Rockefeller Philanthropy and Maternal/Infant Health in the Republic of China.

Huebner, Daniel. Philanthropic Funding and Field Agents in the Development of Teacher Education Institutions.

Hull, Andrew. The Rockefeller Foundation's Attempts to Seed Scientific Medicine in Europe, Britain and the Empire after 1919: The Welsh National School of Medicine, Cardiff

Ithurbide, Christine. Shaping a Contemporary Art Scene: The Development of Artistic Circulation, Networks, and Cultural Policies between India and the U.S. since the 1950's.

Intrator, Miriam. Wartime Planning, Postwar Response: Rockefeller Foundation Contributions to Cultural Reconstruction in Post-World War II Europe.

Irvine, Tina. Poor, White, and Wormy: Hookworm Eradication in the South and the Boundaries of Whiteness and Citizenship.

Jinks, Rebecca. Near East Relief and the Rescue of "Absorbed" Armenian Women, 1915-21.

Kanazawa, Reiko. The Ford Foundation's early involvement in global AIDS and grants to Indian AIDS NGOs.

Kasperski, Ken. The Rockefeller Foundation and the Administration of the Philippines.

Kayser, John. Early History of Racially Segregated Schools of Social Work.

Kelly, Stephanie. Exporting Modernity: U.S. Foundations and Latin American Development, 1950-1980.

Kikuchi, Yuko. The Cold War Design Business of Russel Wright and JDR 3rd.

Kilinc, Kivanc. The Central Institute of Hygiene: Modernism and Gender in Early Republican Turkey.

Kinsella, Arianna. Philanthropy during the Cold War, 1958-1985: A Case Study for Brazilian History in the United States and the Social Sciences in Brazil.

Kirk, John. Winthrop Rockefeller: A Biography.

Kirk, John. Winthrop Rockefeller: Arkansas Politics.

Klein, Shira. Italian Jewish Émigrés in the United States, 1938-1950.

Knudsen, Dino. The Formation of the Trilateral Commission.

Kohlstedt, Matt. From Artifacts to People Facts at the Oriental Institute.

Korndörfer, Ana Paula. Analysis of the work by Rockefeller Foundation to train high public health professionals in Brazil (1917-1951) based on a prosopographical study.

Korndörfer, Ana Paula. Fighting Ancylostomiasis (hookworm infection) in Southern Brazil: Cooperation between the Rockefeller Foundation and the Government of the State of Rio Grande do Sul (1919-1923).

Koslow, Jennifer Lisa. The Pervasive Use of Exhibits for Public Health Education.

Kreutzer, Susanne. The Rockefeller Foundation and Professionalization of Nursing in West Germany.

Krome-Lukens, Anna. Rockefeller Support and the Growth of Public Welfare Programs in North Carolina in the 1920s.

Kridel, Craig. Examining the Educational Film Work of Alice Keliher and the Human Relations Series of Films and Mark A. May and the Secrets of Success Program.

Kridel, Craig. Progressive Education in the Black High School: The General Education Board's Black High School Study, 1940-1948.

Kridel, Craig. Towards an Understanding of Progressive Education and "School": Lee Dick's 1939 Documentary Film on the Hessian Hills School.

Krysko, Michael. American Broadcasting and American Identities, 1920-1950.

Kubie, Oenone. A Place for the Child: Playground Reform from 1890 to 1930.

Kumar, Brinda. Collecting Art, Narrating Culture: Indian Art in John D. Rockefeller 3rd Asian Collections.

Kuo, Wen-Hua. Taiwan's Malaria Eradication in a Global Context.

Lapeyre, Jaime and Nelson, Sioban. Elisabeth Crowell and Visiting Nurse Education in Europe, 1917-1925.

Labbé, Morgane. The Rockefeller Foundation Turns to the East: Polish Social Sciences Fellows during the Interwar Period.

Laprise, John. Listening in on DC: Soviet Eavesdropping and the Origins of US Information Policy.

Lemus, Cheryl. The Cultural History of Pregnancy.

Levenstein, Lisa. U.S. Women in Beijing: The Fourth World Conference on Women and the Global Politics of American Feminism.

Lima, Zueler R. M. A., Nelson A. Rockefeller and Art Patronage in Brazil after World War II: Assis Chateaubriand, the Museu de Arte de São Paulo (MASP) and the Musee de Arte Moderna (MAM).

Limberg, Michael. "A Full Round of Life for All": Transforming New East Relief into the Near East Foundation.

Little, Branden. Band of Crusaders: American Humanitarians, the Great War, and the Remaking of the World

Lin, James. International Development Organizations and Agricultural Development in Taiwan, 1945-1975.

LIU, Yexin. Activities of Public Health Education Launched by John B. Grant in His Early Years in China (1921-1923).

Löhr, Isabella. The Rockefeller Foundation Fellows in the Social Sciences (1920s-1970): Transnational Networks, Construction of Disciplines and Policy Making in the Age of Globalization.

Long, David. C.A.W. Manning and Academic International Relations.

Lorek, Timothy. The Rockefeller Foundation and Agricultural Development in Colombia's Cauca Valley, 1940-1980.

Loss, Christopher. Remapping the Midcentury Metropolis: The Ford Foundation and the Joint Center for Urban Studies of MIT and Harvard University.

Lossio, Jorge. Geography, Nationalism and Mining Development in the Emergence of High Altitude Pathologies

Lu, Di Yin. The International Market for Chinese Art in the 1940s and 1950s: The Rockefellers and Chinese Antiquities.

Lundeen, Elizabeth. The General Education Board's Involvement in Higher Education for African Americans: The Case of North Carolina College for Negroes, 1909-1930.

Lusk, Brigid. Overlooked Soldiers in the Cancer Wars: Nurses and Cancer, 1880-1950.

Lutz, Raechel. Nature's Pathway: Landscape and Philanthropy at the Palisades Interstate Park, 1900-1930.

Maekawa, Reiko. The Rockefeller Foundation and the Intellectual Life of Refugee Scholars during the Cold War.

Manias, Chris. The Rockefeller Foundation and the Excavation of Peking Man.

Mann, Tamara. Honor Thy Father and Mother: Old Age in a New America, 1945-1965.

Marchesi, Greta. Nelson A. Rockefeller's Office of International Affairs and the Roots of United States Hemispheric Development Policy, 1940-1946.

Marquez, Benjamin. Minority Cause Lawyers and Civil Rights Activism: The Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF).

Martín, Juan Jesús Morales. Interinstitutional Cooperation in Authoritarian Times: The Ford Foundation and the Development of Autonomous Research Centers in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile (1969-1990).

Matchett, Karin. Scientific Agriculture Across Borders: The Rockefeller Foundation and Collaboration between Mexico and the U.S. in Corn Breeding.

McLay, Mark. Lyndon B. Johnson and the Republican Challenge to the Great Society.

McQuade, Lena. Economic Constraints Impacting the Establishment of Reproductive Public Health in New Mexico, 1919-1940.

Meerwijk, Maurits. Dengue Fever, the Rockefeller Foundation, and Southeast Asia.

Merchant, Emily. Demography and Population Politics.

Mertens, Rebecca. Institution-based discovery: Immunochemistry, serological genetics and embryology at the California Institute of Technology.

Mesner, Maria. Engineering Global Population: The Reasoning and Policies of the Population Council.

Miglio, Sarah. America's Sacred Duty: Near East Relief and the Armenian Crisis, 1915-1930.

Mooney, Jadwiga E. Pieper. Exploring Twentieth-Century Politics of Health and Rights through the Biographical Lens: The Life of Chilean Medical Doctor Benjamin Viel Vicuña.

Mooney, Jadwiga E. Pieper. "Global Man" Meets Local Women:Examining Public Health, Fertility Regulation, and Gender Equity in Chile

Moore, Cecelia. "The Discovery of Ourselves": The Rockefeller Foundation and Regional Drama in the 1930s.

Moran-Thomas, Amy. In Search of the "Philanthropic Plum:" Diabetes Research, Hookworm Interventions, and Comparative Philanthropy in Historical Perspective.

Morcillo Laiz, Álvaro. Adaptations, Organizations, and Intermediaries: Philanthropy and the Reception of Max Weber in Spanish-speaking Countries (1939-1973).

Moreno, Mónica. The Relationship between the Sociology Program at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia and the Rockefeller Foundation and the Ford Foundation: A Preliminary Description of Dynamics.

Morey, Maribel. The Making of an American Dilemma: The Philanthropists and Social Scientists of the Civil Rights Movement.

Morgenfeld, Leandro. Nelson A. Rockefeller and the normalization of Argentina-U.S. diplomatic relations in 1945.

Negley, Ben. 'To Stabilize the Financial Position of the Leading American Orchestras': The Impact of the Ford Foundation's $80 million Program for Symphony Orchestras.

Nelson, Sioban and Lapeyre, Jaime. Elisabeth Crowell and Visiting Nurse Education in Europe, 1917-1925.

Neptune, Jessica. The Making of the "Carceral State": Race, Punitive Politics, and the Changing Logic of Incarceration, New York, 1956-1986.

Nicoletta, Julia. Networks of Power: The New York World's Fair of 1964-1965.

Niedfeldt, Amanda. The Ford Foundation and Trans-Atlantic Cultural Exchange in the 1950s.

Noguchi, Kazumi. Collaboration between the Philanthropic Sector and Government on Public Diplomacy between Japan and the United States in the 1930s-1960s: Its Implications for Current U.S.-Japan Public Diplomacy and Influence on Japanese Philanthropy.

Nowaczewska, Renata. American Private Foundations and Reinforcement of Democracy in the Cold War Europe, 1945-1968: Rockefeller Foundation as the Case Study.

Nowaczewska, Renata. The Ford Foundation and the Reinforcement of Democracy in Cold War Europe, 1950-69.

Nugent, Patrick. Mass Transit, New Towns, and National Parks in New York City's 'Forgotten Borough'.

Olsson, Tore. Green Revolutions: Rockefeller Agronomy from the American South to Mexico.

Oltman, Adele. Liberalism and the Politics of Public Health in New York City.

O'Reilly, Kelly. Medical Schools, Private Foundations, and the Community Medicine Movement of the 1960s.

Orig, Sharon. Rockefeller Philanthropy and the Filipino Diaspora.

Ortoll, Servando. A Researchers' Mecca: The Joint Committee on Latin American Studies and Its Protegés.

Ossmer, Carola. Children of science: The Laura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial, Arnold Gesell and the making of the normal child.

Pacino, Nicole. "A Small Oasis in a Large Intellectual Desert": Debates over Rockefeller Foundation Funding to Revolutionary Bolivia.

Pallo, Gabor. Decision-making in the Rockefeller Foundation's Projects in Hungary.

Pallo, Gabor. The Rockefeller Foundation's Activity in Hungary.

Parmar, Daksha. Population Control, Foundations and Development of Demographic Research Centres in Maharashtra (India): 1950-1970.

Pasquier, Églantine. The Architectural Collaboration Between William Welles Bosworth and John D. Rockefeller, Jr. - 1906-1924, the American Years.

Payne, Eva. Purifying the World: Americans and International Sexual Reform, 1865-1933.

Pedio, Alessia. The Rockefeller Foundation, Luigi and Mario Einaudi, and the Social Sciences in Italy (1926-1969)

Pereyra, Diego Ezequiel. American Organizations and the Development of Sociology and Social Research in Argentina. The Case of the SSRC and the Rockefeller Foundation (1927-1966).

Perkins, Alfred. An Apprenticeship in Philanthropy: Edwin Rogers Embree and the Rockefeller Foundation, 1917-1927

Perrillo, Jonna. Teacher Research and the Rockefellers.

Peterson, Paul. Improving Potato Production in Mexico: John S. Niederhauser and Rockefeller Foundation-Sponsored Research during the 1950s and 1960s

Piehler, G. Kurt. A Religious History of the American Servicemen and Servicewomen (GI's) in World War II.

Plosceanu, Violeta Emilia. The Rockefeller Foundation in Romania: For A Crossed History of Social Reform and Science

Plotkin, Mariano. Modernity, Development and the Transnationalization of the Social Sciences in Argentina and Brazil (1930-1970)

Power, Margaret. Gender, Modernity and Technology: Chile During Four Different Political Regimes, 1964-2000.

Proctor, Tammy. U.S. Food Aid and the Expectation of Gratitude, 1914-1950.

Purnell, Brian. Unmaking the Ghetto: Community Development in Bedford-Styvesant during the Civil Rights and Black Power Movements.

Quesada, Fernando. The Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship Program in Chile (1938-1970).

Ramanna, Mridula. Health Care in Bombay Presidency, 1900-1937.

Ramirez de Arellano, Annette. Adaptive Planning: The Work of Dr. John B. Grant in Three Settings.

Ramirez, Gracia. Rockefeller Support for Non-Commercial Film, 1935-1939.

Ramsden, Edmund. Between Quality and Quantity: The Population Council and the Politics of 'Science-making' in Eugenics and Demography, 1952- 1965.

Ramsden, Edmund. Negotiating the Problems of Population: Demography, Ecology, and Family Planning in the Post-war United States.

Renner, Andrea. The American Way: IBEC Housing Projects in Latin America.

Rivas, Darlene. Nelson A. Rockefeller: A Twentieth Century Life.

Robey, Sarah. The Atomic American: Citizenship in a Nuclear State, 1945-1963.

Rodberg, Josie. "Human Rights, Women's Rights, States' Rights: The Politics of Federal Family Planning Programs, 1965-1988".

Rodogno, Davide and Gauthier, Shaloma. The Near East Relief's Caucasus Branch Operation (1919-1920).

Román, José Antonio Sánchez. Keeping the League Afloat: The Rockefeller Foundation, Latin America, and the Survival of the League of Nations in the 1930s and the 1940s.

Rose, Kenneth. John D. Rockefeller, Jr. and the Forest Hill Housing Development in Cleveland, Ohio.

Rose, Kenneth. John D. Rockefeller and the Golf House in Lakewood, New Jersey.

Rose, Kenneth. Partners in Housing Reform: The Apartment Developments of John D. Rockefeller, Jr., Charles O. Heydt, and Andrew J. Thomas

Rose, Kenneth. The Problematic Legacy of Judge John Handley: R. Gray Williams, The General Education Board, and Progressive Education in Winchester, Virginia, 1895-1924.

Rose, Kenneth. The Rockefeller Foundation's Fellowship Program in Turkey, 1925-1983.

Rose, Kenneth W. John D. Rockefeller, The American Baptist Education Society and the Growth of Baptist Higher Education in the Midwest.

Rose, Kenneth W. Why a University for Chicago and Not Cleveland? Religion and John D. Rockefeller's Early Philanthropy, 1855-1900.

Rose, Kenneth, and Stapleton, Darwin. Rockefeller, Religion, and Philanthropy in Gilded Age Cleveland.

Rosenbaum, Thomas Rockefeller Philanthropies in Revolutionary Russia.

Rosenberg, Gabriel. The Programa Interamericano para la Juventud Rural (Inter-American Rural Youth Program) and Rural Modernization in Cold War Latin America.

Rossiter, Margaret. The Rockefeller Foundation and the History of Science.

Rowan, Jamin. The Redevelopment of "Human and Social Values in Modern City Life": Jane Jacobs and the Rockefeller Foundation.

Saari, Paula. Transnational Connections, International Conservation Co-operation, and the Construction of the National Park Idea as 'America's Best Idea' during the Cold War

Samanta, Arabinda. Help Fight Malaria in Bengal: A Study in the Intervention of Rockefeller Foundation.

Sangodeyi, Funke. Rene Dubos and the Emerging Science of Human Microbial Ecology.

Sarkar, Natasha. India Battles Influenza: A Case Study Analysis of the 1918 and 1968 Pandemics.

Saunier, Pierre-Yves. Worlds of Nursing: The Rockefeller Moment.

Sacks, Eleanor. Frederick Harris Goff, Rockefeller Philanthropy and the Early History of U.S. Community Foundations.

Samsky, Ari. Brazilian Probes, African Pills: History and Resistance in Global Health.

Sastre-Juan, Jaume. Interpreting Science for a General Public: the Rockefeller Foundation and the Politics of Science Popularization in the 1930s.

Scarpellini, Emanuela. Supermarkets Italiani: Nelson A. Rockefeller's International Basic Economy Corporation and the Introduction of Supermarkets to Italy.

Scheffler, Robin Wolfe. Popular and Medical Attitudes toward Cancer Virus Research and Cancer Vaccination, Drawn from the Collections of the Rockefeller Archive Center.

Schleiermacher, Sabine. The Primacy of the Political: The Rockefeller Foundation and post WW II Germany.

Schlichting, Kara. Progress and Protest: The Evolution of Public Works on Long Island under Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller.

Schmidt, Susanne. Midlife Crisis. Age and Gender in the long 1970s.

Scholthof, Karen-Beth. The Development of Plant Virology and Serology in the Early 20th Century.

Schortgen, Alicia. Revisiting the Filer Commission: John D. Rockefeller 3rd's Legacy.

Schultz, Mark. The Battle for the Schoolhouse in Jim Crow Georgia.

Schrecker, Cherry. Sociology at the New School for Social Research: An Intellectual and Pedagogical History.

Schrum, Ethan. Rockefeller Foundation Attempts to Stimulate City Planning and Urban Research in American Universities before World War II.

Sharnak, Debbie. The Fracturing Human Rights Consensus: Uruguay's Contested History of Human Rights.

Shepherd, Chris. The Rockefeller Foundation and Agriculture in Peru.

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