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Processed: April 29, 1969

Accession Number 1

The papers of Wallace Buttrick were deposited with the Rockefeller Foundation Archives in July 1967 by Mrs. Charles Merrill.

Biographical Sketch

Wallace Buttrick was born on October 3, 1853, on a farm in Potsdam, New York. In 1857, his family moved to Madrid, New York, and later to Ogdensburg where he spent most of his youth.

Buttrick attended the Ogdensburg Academy and later the Potsdam Normal School. His education was interrupted when his father became ill, and he then secured a job as a messenger in the State Capitol at Albany. This proved unsuitable, and in 1875 he took a position as railroad mail agent between Rome, New York, and Ogdensburg.

In 1880, Buttrick moved to Rochester, where he entered the Divinity School. His first pastorate was the First Baptist Church of New Haven. He was always interested in the West, and he moved to the First Church of St. Paul, Minnesota in 1890. While in Minnesota, Buttrick engaged in lively controversies with the city administration. In 1892, he moved east to the Emmanuel Church of Albany, where he stayed for nearly 10 years.

In 1902, Mr. Buttrick joined the General Education Board as Secretary.

Series Description

The Wallace Buttrick collection covers the period from 1888 to 1926.

There is one main series containing material on the Buttrick family history, Wallace Buttrick's several pastorates, his early work with the China Medical Board, and a trip to England in 1917.

Materials included are two unidentified manuscripts, resolutions, clippings, and a pamphlet. The material is arranged chronologically, with the clippings at the end.

Important Subjects
  • Family history
  • Organization of the China Medical Board
  • Trip to England in 1917
  • Church interests
  • St. Paul controversies
  • Education
  • Henry Lyman Morehouse
Folder List

Box 1

1 - Genealogy, 1616-1895 - 5 x 8 index card with handwritten genealogy of the Buttrick family.
2 - Family History, 1616-1836 - five page typescript family history of the Buttrick family.
3 - Wallace Buttrick, 1853-1902 - thirty-nine page typescript history of Wallace Buttrick and immediate family.
4 - Emmanuel Church Resolution, 1902 - resolution adopted by the Church Board on the occasion of Mr. Buttrick's departure from the Albany church.
5 - China Medical Board - Wallace Buttrick's recollections on his service with the China Medical Board.
6 - England, 1917 - recollection of WB trip to England as the request of the American ambassador to England.
7 - "What is Education" by Wallace Buttrick, 1925 - reprint from The Peabody Journal of Education, vol. 3, no. 3, November 1925. States what education is "in the form of five propositions."
    I. All Education is Self-Education
    II. Capacity for Intelligent Self-Direction
    III. Trained Capacity for Sustained Attention
    IV. Education is Never Finished; It Is As Long As Life
    V. The Object of Education is Character, Not Efficiency
8 - "The Tribute Beautiful" by Wallace Buttrick - excerpt from a biography of Henry Lyman Morehouse, in which Buttrick recalls Morehouse.
9 - Miscellaneous Clippings, 1891 - clippings primarily dealing with Buttrick's tenure in St. Paul, Minnesota.
10 - Miscellaneous Clippings, 1925-1926 - clippings consist primarily of obituaries and testimonials of Buttrick, who died May 27, 1926.
Scrapbook, 1888-1902 - articles/contributions by Buttrick to various newspapers.
Scrapbook - articles concerning St. Paul, Minnesota controversy.
Scrapbook - articles and publications on the General Education Board.

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