The purpose of this policy is to reaffirm the Rockefeller Archive Center’s commitment to maintain a safe workplace, and to ensure that researchers and visitors are aware of their responsibilities in relation to COVID-19. This policy will outline the actions that will be required of researchers and visitors who want or need to be onsite at the RAC.

The RAC is monitoring guidance from all applicable public health authorities, and it reserves the right to modify this policy as necessary or appropriate. Any questions or concerns about the application of this policy can be directed to Human Resources.


For purposes of this policy, a visitor is an individual who enters any RAC facility and is not an employee of the RAC or an on-site contractor. A researcher is an individual who is scheduled to be on-site and requires the use of the RAC Reading Rooms.

Prior to admission to the RAC, all researchers and visitors must:

  • Read and comply with this policy;
  • Report that they are fully vaccinated with vaccines that have met the necessary criteria for safety and efficacy as set by the World Health Organization (WHO);
  • Certify that they have not been in close or proximate contact in the past 10 days with anyone who has tested positive for COVD-19 or who has symptoms of COVID-19;
  • Certify that they have not tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 10 days; and
  • Certify that they have not experienced any symptoms of COVID-19 in the past 10 days.

Procedures for Researchers

Researchers will need to present (i.e., show, not hand over) their proof of vaccination, proof of identification, and, if necessary, a negative COVID-19 test result prior to entering the RAC. Researchers should coordinate well ahead of their scheduled visit with the employee designated to assist them. For researchers, this process will likely take place during the initial virtual interview.

Proof of vaccination may include:

  • CDC vaccination card (or photo)
  • The record of immunization from a healthcare provider or pharmacy;
  • NYS Excelsior Pass;
  • A copy of medical records documenting the vaccination; or
  • An official immunization record from outside the United States.

Valid Identification includes your name accompanied by a photograph OR your date of birth, such as:

  • Driver’s license
  • Government ID card
  • Passport
  • School ID card

Requests for Accommodations

The RAC will consider requests for accommodations for disabilities and/or pregnancy on an individual basis in accordance with applicable legal requirements. The RAC will request additional information or documentation it deems necessary or appropriate to inform its decision on an accommodation request.