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“If we assist the highest forms of education – in whatever field – we secure the widest influence in enlarging the boundaries of human knowledge.”
—John D. Rockefeller, Sr.
Research Reports
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Table of Contents

Charlene Mires, "The Search for the Capital of the World," pg. 1

Julia L. Foulkes, "Lincoln Center, The Rockefellers, and New York City," pg. 3

Erik Ellis, "A Vision for the Life Sciences: Dixy Lee Ray, Paul Weiss, and René Dubos," pg. 8

H. Paul Thompson, Jr., "The Temperance Philanthropy of Harvey B. Spelman and JDR: The National Temperance Society and Publication House," pg. 11

Dennis Bryson, "Personality and Culture and Rockefeller Philanthropy," pg. 14

About the Contributors, pg. 19

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Table of Contents

David C. Engerman, "Know Your Enemy: American Sovietology and the Making of the Cold War," pg. 1

Jacqueline S. Wilkie, "Discipline and the Body of the Well-Child," pg. 4

Anne C. Rose, "Looking for the Southern Child," pg. 11

Katerina Gardikas, "History of Malaria in Modern Greece," pg. 14

Eric D. Carter, "National Identity, Race, and Environment in the Malaria Eradication Campaign in Argentina, 1890-1950," pg. 18

About the Contributors, pg. 23

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Table of Contents

Evan Ward, "IBEC and the Transformation of Consumer Culture in the Americas, 1940-1980," pg. 1

William J. Buxton, "GEB Support for School-Broadcasting Projects, 1937-1942," pg. 8

Steven Palmer, "Unknown Women Administrators of the International Health Commission's Hookworm Eradication Program," pg. 14

About the Contributors, pg. 19

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Table of Contents

Catherine Gavin Loss, "American Psychology and the Transformation of the School in Postwar America," pg. 1

John Groutt, "The Rockefeller Programs for the Disadvantaged and Federal Educational Programs," pg. 4

Martha A. Eastman, "Clean Milk and the Emergence of Public Health in Mount Desert, Maine, 1910-1930," pg. 10

Gisela Cramer, "The Office of Inter-American Affairs and the Latin American Mass Media, 1940-1946," (the contents of the OIAA's goodwill and propaganda campaigns) pg. 14

Marcos Cueto, "International Health, The Rockefeller Foundation and Latin America during the 1940s," pg. 17

Paul Weindling, "Termination or Transformation: The Fate of the International Health Division as a Case Study in Foundation Decision-making," pg. 20

David Ciepley, "The Concept of Totalitarianism and Theories of Modernization and American Democracy," pg. 23

About the Contributors, pg. 27

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Table of Contents

Darwin H. Stapleton, Executive Director, RAC, "Current Events and History," pg. 1 (The collections of the RAC contain information on the history of the World Trade Center, the history of New York City, and Globalization).

Thomas G. Andrews, "The Colorado Coal Strike of 1913-14 and Its Context in the History of Work, Environment, and Industrialization in Southern Colorado," pg. 2

Greg Patmore, "An Employer Response to Workplace Democracy: The Rockefeller Plan and the Fate of Employee Representation Plans, 1915-1935," pg. 8

Gisela Cramer, "The Office of Inter-American Affairs and the Latin American Mass Media, 1940-1946," (the formation and operation of the OIAA) pg. 14

Cay-Rüdiger Prüll, "The Impact of the Receptor Concept on 20th-Century Pharmacology," pg. 16

About the Contributors, pg. 19

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Abigail O'Sullivan, "Herbert Gasser and the Transatlantic Community of Physiologists," pg. 1

Paul Hillmer, "John D. Rockefeller and Civic Affairs in Cleveland," pg. 3

Sabine Brauckmann, "Paul A. Weiss and the Intellectual and Institutional Frameworks of Science," pg. 6

Jean C. Whelan, "The Nurse Labor Market and the Rockefeller Foundation, 1923-1963," pg. 9

Jeffrey Brison, "The Rockefeller Foundation, Cultural Interpretation, and the Alberta Folklore Project," pg. 13

Aya Takahaski, "The Death of Hideyo Noguchi and the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research," pg. 17

Grants to Support Research in the Paul Ehrlich Collection, pg. 19

2000 Grant Recipients, pg. 20

About the Contributors, pg. 23

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Table of Contents

William J. Buxton, "RF Support for Non-Professional Drama, 1933-1950," pg. 1

Marybeth Gasman, "The Presidency of Charles S. Johnson at Fisk University as a Model for Collaboration between Philanthropy and Black Higher Education, 1946-1956," pg. 5

Marisa Chambers, "The RF in West Africa," pg. 7

1999 Grant Recipients, pg. 11

Marianne P. Stevens, "The Rockefeller Foundation and Canadian Medical Education," pg. 14

Andrew Morris, "The General Education Board and the U.S.D.A.," pg. 16

Michael Barfoot, Christopher Lawrence and Steven Sturdy, "The Trojan Horse: The Biomedical Laboratory of the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, 1921-1939," pg. 19

About the Contributors, pg. 22

Grants for Travel and Research at the Rockefeller Archive Center, pg. 23

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Table of Contents

Ben Keppel, "Race, Poverty and the Symbolism of the Child," pg. 1

Richard Hankins, "Norman R. Stoll and Parasitology," pg. 4

Julia Foulkes, "The Rockefeller Foundation's Support for Dance," pg. 6

Grants for Travel and Research at the RAC, pg. 8

1998 Grant Recipients, pg. 9

Philip J. Nelson, "Regionalism and the Humanities Division of the Rockefeller Foundation," pg. 12

Steven T. Wagner, "The Decline of the Republican Left, 1952-1964," pg. 14

Darwin H. Stapleton, Executive Director, RAC, "The History of Conservation and Ecology in the Rockefeller Archive Center's Collections," pg. 16

About the Contributors, pg. 19

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Table of Contents

Rona Roob, "Rockefeller Vision and the Making of the Museum of Modern Art," pg. 1

Lene Koch, "The Rockefeller Foundation and Danish Eugenics," pg. 5

Dennis Bryson, "Lawrence K. Frank and the Rockefeller Philanthropies, 1923-1936," pg. 7

Grants for Travel and Research at the Rockefeller Archive Center, pg. 9

General Grants 1997, pg. 10

Martin Perschler, "John D. Rockefeller, Jr.'s 'Gift to France' and the Restoration of Monuments, 1924-1936," pg. 12

Rebecca Pels, "Rockefeller Philanthropy and the Development of African Studies," pg. 14

Murielle Vautrin, "Nelson Rockefeller and the Promotion of Culture in New York City," pg. 16

About the Contributors, pg. 19

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Table of Contents

Sabine Tischer, "Medievalism in American Culture: The Cloisters," pg. 1

William J. Buxton, "The Emergence of the Humanities Division's Program in Communications, 1930-1936," pg. 3

Andrés Horacio Reggiani, "The Rockefeller Foundation and the Tuberculosis Program in France, 1917-1922," pg. 5

Research Grant Program, pg. 8

Elena Vorobiova, "The Republician Party in the South and the 1968 Presidential Election," pg. 11

Vicki Weinberg, "Rockefeller Public Health Assistance in Chile," pg. 13

Lawrence T. Woods, "The Rockefeller Foundation's Support of the Institute of Pacific Relations," pg. 16

About the Contributors, pg. 19

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John Robert Greene, "Nelson Rockefeller in the Nixon and Ford Years"

Phillip R. Seitz, "The Rockefeller Sanitary Commission and Rural Public Health Campaigns"

William G. Scott, "Chester I. Barnard as Rockefeller Foundation President, 1948-1952"

Marcos Cueto, "The Rockefeller Foundation and Latin American Physiology"

Jeffrey W. Cody, "Building Peking Union Medical College"

Paul R. Josephson, "Soviet Physicists and the International Education Board"

Enrique Chaves-Carballo, "Samuel T. Darling and the International Health Board"

Xiaodong Jiang, "The Rockefeller Foundation and the Control of Hookworm in the Central China Mining District, 1913-1919"

William C. Hine, "South Carolina State College and the General Education Board"

Steven C. Williams, "The International Health Board and Changing Urban/Rural Relations in Brazil

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