The Rockefeller Archive Center
“If we assist the highest forms of education – in whatever field – we secure the widest influence in enlarging the boundaries of human knowledge.”
—John D. Rockefeller, Sr.



Table of Contents

Director's Comments:
    Reflecting on Success pg. 2
RAC News:
    New Governance at the Rockefeller Archive Center, pg. 3
Collection News:
    The Downtown-Lower Manhattan Association Records Now Available, pg. 1
Research Report:
    The Rockefeller Foundation and Search for International Order, by Katharina Rietzler, pg. 4
Archival Notes:
    Their Bellies are Being Satisfied: Agriculture and Rockefeller Philanthropy, pg. 6
    Lives in the Balance: The Refugee Scholar Experience, pg. 9
    Family Vacation: The Rockefeller Family Trips West and their Impact on Parks, pg. 11
    "Hawkers of Hate": Nelson A Rockefeller's 1964 Warning on Extremism, pg. 13
    Colonial Williamsburg Goes to War, pg. 15
    The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Restorations, pg. 16
Grant Programs:
    Grant-In-Aid Program for 2009, pg. 1
    Rockefeller Archive Center 2008 Grant-in-Aid Awards, pg. 23
Recent Publications, pg. 25

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Table of Contents

Director's Comments:
    Re:discovery for Internet, pg. 2
RAC News:
    Collaborative Electronic Records Project Update, pg. 3
    New Online Tools for RF History, pg. 5
    Recent RAC Publications: New Survey of New York Materials; Conference Proceedings, pg. 10
Collection News:
    Two Important Collections: Records of Near East Foundation and William T. Grant Foundation, pg. 1
    New NAR Papers, pg. 1
    AIA Photograph Collection, pg. 11
Archival Notes:
    The Rockefeller Foundation, Imaginative Writing, and the Wellbeing of Mankind, pg. 7
    The Philanthropist and the Explorer: John D. Rockefeller, Jr. and Richard E. Byrd, pg. 14
    The Population Council and Family Planning in Morocco, pg. 17
    Got Milk? The Rockefeller Institute and New Yorks Milk Supply, 1901-1902, pg. 20
Grant Programs:
    2007 Grant Recipients, pg. 12
    Grant-in-Aid Program for 2008, pg. 19
    RAC Workshop Program, pg. 19
Recent Publications, pg. 22

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Table of Contents

Director's Comments:
    Some Roots of Globalization, pg. 2
RAC News:
    RAC and Smithsonian Institution Archives Collaborate on Electronic Records Project, pg. 1
    Online Database Coming Soon, pg. 4
Collection News:
    Abraham Pais Papers, pg. 4
    The Foundation Center Collection, pg. 5
    Counsels Office, Michael Whiteman Records, pg. 6
    The Oscar M. Ruebhausen Papers, pg. 7
Archival Notes:
    Making the Peaks Higher: The International Education Board and Classical Genetics, 1923-1928, pg. 8
    RF Grants in the Philippines, 1958-1990, pg. 10
    War Works Takes the Rockefellers to Charleston, 1919, pg. 12
Grant Programs:
    2007 Grant-in-Aid Program, pg. 1
    Application Deadline Changed for RAC Programs, pg. 14
    Scholar-in-Residence Program, pg. 14
    RAC Workshop Program, pg. 14
    2006 RAC Grant Awards, pg. 15
Recent Publications, pg. 17

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Table of Contents

Director's Comments:
    The Archive in Sleepy Hollow, pg. 2
RAC News: pg. 3
    RAC Establishes Workshop Program
    New RAC Website Honored
    New Book on Rockefeller University History
Collection News:
    Blanchette H. Rockefeller Papers, pg. 1
    Important Addition to the Paul Ehrlich Collection, pg. 4
    Recently Processed RF Grant Files, pg. 4
    New Nelson A. Rockefeller Materials Available for Research, pg. 7
Archival Notes:
    "For the Welfare of the Third Sector: The Commonwealth Fund in the Era of the Filer Commission, 1973-2005," pg. 12
Grant Programs:
    2006 Grant-in-Aid Program, pg. 1
    2005 RAC Grant Awards, pg. 15
Recent Publications, pg. 17

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Table of Contents

"New Design and Name for RAC Website," pg. 1

Director's Comments:
    "Business History at the RAC," pg. 2
Collection News:
    "Edgar B. Young and Lincoln Center," pg. 3
    "New Finding Aids for IBEC Records," pg. 6
    "The Rockefeller Foundation's American Cultural Heritage Program," pg. 7
    "Recent Acquisitions on Carrel and Lindbergh," pg. 8
    "Lewis Hackett Photograph Collection," pg. 9
Archival Notes:
    "The 1964 World's Fair," pg. 10
    "Housing Developments for Reform and Profit," pg. 11
Grant Programs:
    Grants to Support Research in the Paul Ehrlich Collection, pg. 13
    Scholar-in-Residence Program, pg. 13
    Fellowship for a Visiting Archivist from the Developing World, pg. 14
    Rockefeller Archive Center Grant Awards, 2004, pg. 15
Recent Publications, pg. 17

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Table of Contents

"New Collections and New Openings," pg. 1 (Trilateral Commission, Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation)

Director's Comments:
    "An Anniversary and an Exhibit," pg. 2 (50th Anniversary of discovery of structure of DNA)
Research Report:
    Martha Hodes, "Race and Public Health in the Cayman Islands," pg. 3
Archive News
    "Foundation for Child Development," pg. 5
Collection News:
    "The Abraham Pais Papers," pg. 6
    "Malcolm Wilson Papers Now Open," pg. 7
    "Additions to the Nelson A. Rockefeller Papers," pg. 8
    "Photo Survey Leads to Preservation and Improved Access," pg. 10
Grant Programs:
    Grant-in-Aid Program for 2004, pg. 1
    New Grant Programs, pg. 12
    Rockefeller Archive Center Grant Awards, 2003, pg. 13
    Targeted Grant Programs for 2004 - New States after Colonialism, pg. 21
Archival Notes:
    "The Rockefeller Foundation and Microphotography," pg. 16
    "Martha Baird: Concert Pianist," pg. 19
    "New Survey on Radio, Film and TV," pg. 20
Recent Publications, pg. 22

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Table of Contents

Research Report:
    Adam Fairclough, "The General Education Board, Black Teachers and Civil Rights," pg. 1
    "Think Globally and Act Locally: GEB Field Agent Reports," pg. 4
    Tina Phillips, "Western Obstetrics and Gynecology in China, 1900-1949," pg. 5
    Grant-in-Aid Program for 2003, pg. 1
Director's Comment:
    "Water, Water Everywhere," pg. 2 (RAC collections contain documentation of water as a public health concern)
Collection News:
    "Serendipity at The Rockefeller Archive Center," pg. 7 (Abby Aldrich Rockefeller letter to Nelson Rockefeller, May 1934)
Grant Programs:
    Targeted Grant Programs for 2003, pg. 8
    Grants-in-Aid for 2002, pg. 9
Recent Publications, pg. 13

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Table of Contents

"Rockefeller Family Fund Records Open for Research," pg. 1

Research Report:
    Cornelius Borck, "Mediating Philanthropy in Changing Political Circumstances: The Rockefeller Foundation's Funding for Brain Research in Germany, 1930-1950," pg. 3
Targeted Grant Programs for 2002, pg. 1

Director's Comment:
    "An Invasion from Mars," pg. 2 (Princeton Radio Research Project case study on public reaction to the "War of the Worlds" broadcast)
Collection News:
    "Additional Papers of Nelson A. Rockefeller Open for Research," pg. 6
    "Images of Asia: The Collection of Mrs. C. T. Murphy," pg. 13
Grant Programs:
    Grants to Support Ehrlich Research, pg. 8
    Grant-in-Aid Program for 2002, pg. 8
    Grants-in-aid for 2001, pg. 9
Recent Publications, pg. 14

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Table of Contents

"The Rockefeller University Turns 100 Years Old," pg. 1

Three Targeted Grant Programs for 2001, pg. 1

Research Report:
    Terry Hongell & Patty Taverna, "Second Graders in the Archives: Using Primary Sources and the Web to Teach History," pg. 3
Director's Comment:
    "Institutional History and Personal Biography," pg. 2 (Grant files and personal papers at the RAC)
Archival Notes:
    "Survey of Photo Collections Sparks Interest in H.T. Koshiba's Work," pg. 5
    "Rockefeller to Become a 'Great Floridian': Ormond Beach and The Casements," pg. 6
Collection News:
    "Additions to the Nelson A. Rockefeller Papers," pg. 8
    "Fritz Lipmann, Nobel Laureate and RU Scientist," pg. 10
    "Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Ledger," pg. 11
    "Rockefeller Foundation Project Files for Italy on Microfilm," pg. 11
    "Jackson Davis' GEB Diaries on Microfilm," pg. 12
    "Raymond B. Fosdick Correspondence on Microfilm," pg. 12
    "Lucille P. Markey Charitable Trust Records on Microfilm," pg. 12
    "W.G. Van Schmus and Radio City Music Hall," pg. 14
Grant Programs:
    Grant-in-Aid Program for 2001, pg. 17
    Grants to Support Ehrlich Research, pg. 17
    2000 Grant Recipients, pg. 17
Recent Publications, pg. 20

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Table of Contents

Three Targeted Grant Areas for 2000, pg. 1

Grant-in-Aid Program for 2000, pg. 1

Research Report:
    "Taking John D. Rockefeller to New Audiences," pg. 3
    Scott A. Sandage, "'Help' Wanted: Begging Letters to John D. Rockefeller," pg. 5
Director's Comment:
    "Anniversary Celebrations in 2000," pg. 2 (Centennial of Rockefeller University and 25th anniversary of RAC)
Collection News:
    "Microfilming the Rockefeller Foundation's General Correspondence, 1960-1975," pg. 7
    "A Guide to the Archives of The Rockefeller University," pg. 8
Recent Publications, pg. 16

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Table of Contents

New Grant Program: Residencies in the History of Basic Medical Research, pg. 1

1999 Grant-in-Aid Program, pg. 1

Director's Comment:
    "Public Health and Basic Medical Research," pg. 2 (New grants)
Collection News:
    "Developing the Rockefeller Archive Center: An Interview with Nathan Reingold," pg. 3
    "The William H. Stein Papers," pg. 4
    "The Fritz Lipmann Papers," pg. 5
    "John D. Rockefeller 3rd Papers," pg. 6
    "Lucille P. Markey Charitable Trust Records," pg. 10
    "Woodrow Wilson Fellowship Files," pg. 10
Archival Notes:
    "Archive Center Photographs," pg. 11
    "The Growth of RAC's Website," pg. 11
    Special Grant Programs for 1999, pg. 13
Recent Publications, pg. 14

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Table of Contents

"Changes to Grant-in-Aid Program Will Make More Support Available," pg. 1

1998 Grant-in-Aid Program, pg. 1

Director's Comment:
    "Paper, Microfilm, Disks," pg. 2 (Storage of and access to RAC collections)
Collection News:
    "Social Science Research Council Archives," pg. 3
    "The Frederick Seitz Administrative Records," pg. 5
    "The Abby Rockefeller Mauz Papers," pg. 6
    "The W. Kenneth Riland Papers," pg. 7
    "Excerpts from W. Kenneth Riland's Diary," pg. 8
    "The Edgar B. Young Collection," pg. 11
Archival Notes:
    "John D. Rockefeller, Jr. and the Van Tassel Apartments," pg. 12
Recent Publications, pg. 15
Funding for Special RAC Projects, pg. 21
Conference Volumes Available, pg. 22 (Institution Building, Philanthropy in Asia)

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