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Rockefeller Archive Center Grant Awards, 2009
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The Rockefeller Archive Center received 72 applications for research grants for its 2016 program. In February, 51 applicants from 15 countries were awarded Grants-in-Aid to conduct research in the Center's archival collections. The 2016 grant recipients, their institutions, and research topics follow.


Rolv Petter Amdam, Professor, department of Strategy, BI Norwegian Business School
"The US and the international professionalization of the top-manager, 1945-1980s"

Savina Balasubramanian, Doctoral Candidate (ABD), Department of Sociology, Northwestern University
"Communicating Contraception: Communication Scientists and the Origins of India's Population Control and Family Planning Program, 1951-1980"

Jessica Barnes, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography and Environment and Sustainability Program, University of South Carolina
"Making Bread: The Cultural Politics of Wheat and Bread Self-Sufficiency in Egypt"

Kathleen Berrin, Doctoral Candidate at the University of California, Irvine (history)
"Cold War Curators: Visual Arts and Diplomacy During and After World War II"

Estelle Blaschke, Postdoctoral fellow funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation
"Encapsulating World Culture. The Rise and Imaginary of Microfilm (1920s to 1950s)"

Silvia Braslavsky, Senior Researcher (retired) Max Planck Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion
"Role of the Ford Foundation Grants in the Relocation of Argentine Scientists after 1966"

Gregory Brew, PhD Student
"Mandarins, Paladins and Pahlavis: Anglo-American Modernization and the Dual Integration of Oil in Iran, 1925-1963"

Adrian Browne, PhD candidate, Department of History, Durham University
"The politics of identity and landscape in Uganda's Albertine Rift since c.1860"

Alexander Cameron-Smith, Research Affiliate, Department of History, The University of Sydney
"International Fellowship: Professional Associations and Networks in Medicine and Science in Twentieth Century Asia and the Pacific"

Jonathan Cohen, PhD Candidate, Corcoran Department of History, University of Virginia
"For a Dollar and Dream: State Lotteries and the American Culture of Inequality, 1964-2014"

Gregory F. Domber, Associate Professor of History, University of North Florida
"Cultivating Moderates: Ford and Rockefeller Support to Exchanges with Eastern Europe"

Matthias Duller, Researcher, Department of Sociology, University of Graz
"A prosopography of sociologists from Communist countries on Ford Foundation fellowships, 1950-1990"

Catherine Baylin Duryea, PhD Candidate, History Department, Stanford University
"Rights and Power: Arab Human Rights Organizations in the International System"

William Foks, PhD Candidate, Department of History, University of Cambridge
"British anthropology and the idea of the 'primitive society', c. 1920 – 1970"

Daniel Franken, PhD Candidate, Department of History, University of California, Los Angeles
"Growing Taller, yet Falling Short: Policy, Health, and Living Standards in Brazil, 1850-1950"

Nika Grabar, researcher
"Architecture and Ideology: The American-Yugoslav Project"

Maria Rosa Gudiño, Professor, Área Ácadémica 5. Teoría Pedagógica y Formación Docente. Universidad Pedagógica Nacional México
"The Cultural Projects of the Office of InterAmerican Affairs in Latina America 1940-1950"

Kirk Hallahan, Professor, Journalism and Media Communication, Colorado State University
"Striking Back! JDR Jr.'s response to the 1913-1914 coal strike"

Leslie Harris, Associate Professor, Department of Communication, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
"The White Slavery Controversy, Women's Bodies, and the Making of Public Space in the United States "

Sarah Hartley, PhD student, History Department, University of York, UK
"The international, regional and colonial politics of maternal and child health projects in the Pacific islands, 1945-1980"

Daniel Huebner, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
"Creating Normal Schools: Institutional Factors in the Development of Teacher Education in the American South, 1865-1930"

Tina Irvine, PhD Candidate, History, University of Pennsylvania
"Americanizing Appalachia, 1890-1939"

Andrés Jiménez Ángel Chair of Latin American History, Catholic University of Universität Eichstätt , Germany.
"’Law and development’ in Latin America, 1964-1979"

Reiko Kanazawa, MPhil/PhD Medical History at Department of History, University of Exeter
"HIV/AIDS and the Changing Landscape of Health in India, 1991 – 2005"

John Kirk, George W. Donaghey Distinguished Professor of History and Director of the Institute on Race and Ethnicity, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
"Winthrop Rockefeller"

Matthew Klingle, Associate Professor of History & Environmental Studies, Bowdoin College
"Sweet Blood: An Environmental History of Diabetes and Chronic Disease in America"

Mikhail Konashev, Senior researcher, Saint-Petersburg Branch, Institute of the History of Science and Technology, Russian Academy of Sciences
"Theodosius Dobzhansky and the American Community of Geneticists and Evolutionary Biologists: 1962-1970"

Oenone Kubie, DPhil Student, History, University of Oxford
"Boys’ Street Culture in Chicago 1900-1929"

Wei-Hua Lee, Associate Professor, Pediatrics, Indiana University School of Medicine
"A Medical Educator in Republican China: Dr. Chung Un Lee"

Derek Leininger, Doctoral Candidate, Department of History, University of Maryland
"A ‘Dark, Evil Enemy Within’: Crime and Decline at the End of the American Century"

Raechel Lutz, Phd Candidate, History at Rutgers University
"Oil in Water: An Environmental History of Oil Refining in New Jersey, 1870-1980"

Gwyneth Mellinger, Associate professor and chair, Communication Arts, Xavier University
"Birth of a Notion: Journalistic Objectivity and Racial Politics in the Civil Rights South"

Shawn Moura, Doctoral Candidate
"Development Begins at Home: Women and the Domestic Economy in Brazil, 1945-1975"

Vivek Neelakantan , Humanities and Social Sciences Postdoctoral Fellow, The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras
"The Medical Spur to Postcolonial Science in Southeast Asia during the Cold War: The Case of Indonesia and the Philippines"

Ben Negley, Doctoral Candidate
"The Ford Foundation Symphony Orchestra Program"

Tracy Neumann , Postdoctoral fellow, Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard
"The Urban International: Planning and Development from the Marshall Plan to Microfinance"

Amanda Niedfeldt, Ph.D. Student, English Department, Comparative and International Development Education minor, University of Minnesota
"Confluence and Influence: Cold War Intellectual Exchanges in Germany and the United States "

Michael Osborne, Professor of History of Science, School of History, Philosophy, and Religion, Oregon State University
"A Global Biography of Yellow Fever"

Carola Ossmer, graduate student and research assistant, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences - Institute of History and Literary Culture, Leuphana University Luneburg
"Individuality and Norm. Developmental Psychology and Cinematographic Practices of Arnold Gesell (1926-1948)"

Eglantine Pasquier, PhD candidate, history of architecture, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and École du Louvre
"Cultural and architectural exchanges between France and the United States: the role of William Welles Bosworth (1869-1966)"

Christine Peralta, Ph.D Student, History and Asian American Studies University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
"In Sickness and In Health: Filipino Women's Access and Intervention to Modern Medicine in the Philippines (1898-1950)"

Karina Inés Ramacciotti, Independent Researcher at CONICET- University of Buenos Aires
"The Rio de la Plata Andean Regional Office. Circulation of ideas and key players. Argentina (1941-1951)"

Charlotte Riley, Lecturer in Twentieth Century British History
"An Ethical Foreign Policy: Aid and Development 1920s-1990s"

Jose Antonio Sanchez Roman, Associate Professor, Department of History of the Social Communication, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
"Latin America in the League of Nations and the Origins of Multilateral Governance"

Paula Saari, Doctoral candidate, General history, Department of Philosophy, History, Culture and Art Studies, University of Helsinki
"Regulating Nature, Modernizing Nations: Transnational Connections, International Conservation Co-operation, and the Construction of the National Park Idea 'America's Best Idea' during the Cold War"

Jan Stöckmann, DPhil Candidate
"International Relations and Intellectual Cooperation between the World Wars"

Aro Velmet, Doctoral Candidate, History and French Studies, New York University
"Pasteur's Empire: French Expertise, Colonialism, and Transnational Science, 1890-1945"

Heng Wen, Doctoral student, Department of Industrial Engineering & Management, Tokyo Institute of Technology
"Early Institutionalization of Modern Science in 1910s and 20s China"

Ara Wilson, Associate Professor, Women's Studies, Duke University
"Transnational Medicine in Thailand"

Peng Xiao, PhD Candidate (Library and Information Science) from Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China
"From Social Circle to Book Circle: the Communication of Libraries and Exchange of Books between China and the United States (1912- 1949)"

David Yee, PhD Student, History Department, Stony Brook University
"The Marginal Majority: Housing in the Mexican Metropolis, 1940-1985"

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