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Subgroup III - Humanities and Social Sciences Program

Subgroup III, Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) Program, contains less than one cubic foot of material. Records (1964-1973) are arranged in two series:

  1. Series I - General Correspondence
  2. Series II - Socio-Economic Study in Uttar Pradesh.
The activities of the HSS division in India stemmed from the successful work of the Indian Agricultural Program. Chadbourne Gilpatric, RF Representative for HSS, saw the opportunity to strengthen agricultural education by developing a stronger humanities and social sciences curriculum for the agricultural universities. He also sought support for Indian universities generally. Gilpatric's vision of the role of the HSS division in India is documented in his correspondence (1964-1973) with the New York office, contained in Series I.

Series II includes the project papers for the Socio-Economic Study in Uttar Pradesh, which ran from 1967 to 1972 under the direction of Gilpatric. This was a pilot study of the economic behavior of progressive farmers in four blocks of northwestern Uttar Pradesh. Research files contain correspondence (1967-1972) with New York headquarters and members of the research team, field investigation forms, instructions on interviewing, research findings, and reports. A final report, Problems and Prospects of Small Farmers in Uttar Pradesh in 1969-1970, was issued in 1971.

Series I. General Correspondence, 1964-1973 (.2 cubic feet) Box 147

    1075 - Correspondence, 1964-1967
    1076 - Correspondence, 1968-1971
    1077 - Correspondence, 1972-1973
Series II. Socio-Economic Study in Uttar Pradesh--Project Papers, 1964-1972, n.d. (.6 cubic feet)
Box 148
    Administrative correspondence, 1967-1972
    1078 - Correspondence (New York office), 1967-1970
    1079 - Correspondence (research team), 1968-1972
    1080 - Correspondence (preliminary report), 1970-1972

    1081-1084 - Project correspondence, 1968-1972
    1085 - Reports, interim, 1968

Box 149
    Research files, 1964, 1968-1972, n.d.
    1086 - Field investigation forms, n.d.
    1087 - Instructions for researchers, 1968-1970
    1088 - Miscellaneous findings, 1968, 1971, n.d.
    1089 - Reports (mss.), 1964, 1970-1972
    Reports (printed), [1968], 1970-1971
    1090-1091 - Changing Agriculture and Rural Life in a Region of Northern India, vols. 1-2, [1968]
    1092 - Changing Agriculture in Two Regions of Uttar Pradesh in 1969-1970, 1970
    1093 - Problems and Prospects of Small Farmers in Uttar Pradesh in 1969-1970, 1971

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