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ABRAHAM PAIS Papers, 1875 (1936-1998) 2000

Arrangement: Alphabetical, Chronological & Format.

Status: Processed

Restrictions: Copies of documents collected from other archives cannot be photocopied. The collection also includes closed material which has been marked on the finding aid.

Scope and Content

1. Biographical (Boxes 1-2)
2. Manuscripts
    Niels Bohr (Boxes 2-7)
    Paul Dirac (Box 7)
    Albert Einstein (Boxes 8-13)
    Inward Bound (Boxes 13- 22)
    A Tale of Two Continents (Boxes 22- 24; 93)
    Essays, Articles and Unpublished Manuscripts (Boxes 24-31)
3. Subject Files (Boxes 31- 50)
4. Lectures (Boxes 50-52)
5. Correspondence (Boxes 52-58)
6. Notes and Notebooks (Boxes 59-75)
7. Photos (Boxes 75-86)
8. Reprints (Boxes 87-92)

Biographical, (1934-2000), 0.4 cu. ft.
  • Arranged alphabetically.
  • Includes a bibliography of Abraham Pais and assorted biographical sources. Also includes printed biographical material on his widow, a wedding guest book, and assorted personal papers including passports and World War Two identification papers.
Manuscripts, (1875-2000), 8.5 cu. ft.
  • Arranged by format and alphabetically.
  • This series is broken into six sub-series. The first five sub-series are books published by Abraham Pais in alphabetical order: Niels Bohr, Paul Dirac, Albert Einstein, Inward Bound, and A Tale of Two Continents. The materials for the various books are broken down in order of the publication process, beginning with Reference notes that include material collected on the subject matter such as handwritten notes, newspaper and journal articles, as well as copies of book chapters and other related archival material depending on the subject. This is followed by the Manuscripts which include both handwritten and typed drafts of chapters of the different books. The last section is Publication and this includes primarily correspondence with the publishers, edits to the books, copies of the book covers and reviews of the books. The last of the sub-series consists of essays, articles and unpublished manuscripts which are arranged alphabetically. Note that within the materials for the sub-series: A Tale of Two Continents was a folder of original Dutch newspapers from 1945 to the immediate post-war period. Archival copies have been made and the originals have been moved into a separate box at the end of the collection.
Subject Files, (1895-1999), 5.4 cu. ft.
  • Arranged alphabetically.
  • Contains primarily material collected on various subjects such as unified field theory, statistical physics and quantum theory. This includes copies of articles, newspaper clippings, some correspondence and some archival material from other collections. Some of this material was most likely used as a reference source for various articles and essays published by Pais. This series also contains conference-related material such as the Kyoto International Symposium in 1985 and the Conference on Ludwig Boltzmann in 1983. There are also some biographical materials on various physicists including Freeman Dyson, Richard Feynman and C.N. Yang. Additionally, there are faculty and personal materials from the Institute for Advanced Study, Rockefeller University and Pais 70th birthday celebration at the Rockefeller University.
Lectures, (1945-1996), 0.5 cu. ft.
  • Arranged alphabetically.
  • Contains handwritten and typed copies of lectures presented by Pais. The series also includes some lecture related correspondence and advertisements for the lectures.
Correspondence, (1941-2000), 1.7 cu. ft.
  • Arranged alphabetically.
  • Contains both personal and professional correspondence, both typed and handwritten. Some correspondents include Niels Bohr, the CERN facility, Helen Dukas, the Institute of Advanced Study, Hans Kramers, the National Academy of Sciences, George Uhlenbeck and Leon Rosenfeld.
Notes and Notebooks, (1935-1982), 4.6 cu. ft.
  • Arranged alphabetically.
  • Contains bound notebooks and loose notes written by Pais from his time attending university until his professorship at the Rockefeller University. Most of the notes are subject based such as composite particles, field theory, mesons, particle theory, strong interactions and structure problems. There are a number of notebooks that are undated and unlabeled in regards to content.
Photos, (1920-1997), 1.5 cu. ft.
  • Arranged by type and alphabetically.
  • This series is divided firstly by the type of media and includes photo prints and negatives, slides, glass slides and photo albums. Most of these are personal photos from Pais childhood, family and travels. There are also professional photos for publication and publicity purposes, conference photos and lecture slides. There are also three artifacts within this series that were included in the folders with the photos; they are a menorah tie tack and two cloth stars of David belonging to Pais and his father. The artifacts, photo albums and framed photos have been placed in separate flat boxes.
Reprints, (1941-1999), 1.6 cu. ft.
  • Arranged alphabetically.
  • Contains pre-prints and reprints of articles by Abraham Pais both individually and as part of a collaboration. Series also contains reprints and pre-prints by colleagues of Pais. These have been either autographed or annotated in some form.
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