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FRITZ LIPMANN Papers, 1924-1986

Arrangement: Chronological and alphabetical.

Status: Processed

Restrictions: None

Scope and Content

1. Personal Files (boxes 1-5)
2. Correspondence (boxes 6-45)
3. Lecture Files (46-48)
4. Manuscripts and Notes (boxes 49-100)
5. Laboratory Files (101-131)
6. Professional Societies (boxes 132-148)
7. Nobel Prize Files (box 149)
8. Photographs (box 150)
9. Rolodex Files (box 151)
10. Slides (boxes 152-157)
11. Negatives (boxes 158-160)
12. Lipmann Reprints (boxes 161-168)
13. Audio-visual material (boxes 169-170)

Personal Files , (1924-1986), 1.75 cu. ft.

  • Arranged alphabetically and then chronologically.
  • Includes award certificates, biographical material, magazines, a medal, telephone/calendar/address books.
Correspondence, (1950-1986), 13.25 cu. ft.
  • Arranged chronologically and then alphabetically.
  • Includes both personal and professional correspondence.
Lecture Files, (1948-1979), 1 cu. ft.

  • Arranged alphabetically.
  • Includes correspondence, lecture notes and transcripts, travel notes.
Manuscripts and Notes, ( 1930-1985), 17 cu. ft.

  • Arranged alphabetically.
  • Correspondence, notes, rough drafts of published articles and autobiography.
Laboratory Files, (1930-1985), 10 cu. ft.
  • Arranged alphabetically.
  • Information on grants and grant applications, notes on laboratory experiments, receipts for laboratory purchases and travel expenses, records of laboratory personnel and students.
Professional Societies, (1957-1979), 6 cu. ft
  • Arranged alphabetically and then chronologically.
  • Correspondence, literature of various academic professional societies, notes from society meetings, peer reviews of numerous scientific articles.
Nobel Prize Files, (1953), 0.33 cu. ft.

  • Arranged by subject.
  • Includes biographical material, congratulations correspondence, newspaper clippings, photographs, press releases. Photographs, (1930-1986), 0.33 cu. ft.
  • Arranged alphabetically by subject; many photos not dated or identified.
  • Includes photographs spanning Dr Lipmann's entire career, from 1930 in Germany up to a few months before his death. Subjects include awards ceremonies, colleagues, formal portraits, informal shots, laboratory groups, lectures, parties, vacations. Rolodex Files, (1950s- ), 0.33 cu. ft.
  • Arranged alphabetically.
  • Includes one file with names and addresses of colleagues. Second file contains list of colleagues to be sent reprints. Slides, (undated; probably 1960s- ), 2 cu. ft.
  • Arranged as found; none are identified or dated.
  • Slides consist of scientific drawings, graphs and microscopic photographs. Probably used in conjunction with lectures and publications.

    Negatives , (1950s- ), 1 cu. ft.

  • Arranged as found; many not identified or dated.
  • Negatives of drawings, graphs and microscopic photographs used in articles and slides. Lipmann Reprints, (1924-1985), 2.5 cu. ft.
  • Arranged chronologically.
  • Includes at least one copy (with a few exceptions) of every article Dr. Lipmann published. Two copies are included for the majority of articles, although with earlier articles only one copy could be found. Audio-visual Material, (various; 1960- ), .75 cu. ft.
  • Various audio-visual material: audio reels, cassettes and film reels. Audio cassettes contain recordings of Dr Lipmann giving lectures in San Francisco and Harvard. Other media not identified.

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