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“If we assist the highest forms of education – in whatever field – we secure the widest influence in enlarging the boundaries of human knowledge.”
—John D. Rockefeller, Sr.

Rockefeller Family Archives


Size: 411 cu. ft.

Contents: The collection consists of the personal and office files of Laurance S. Rockefeller (LSR) (1910-2004). The papers document his personal life, property and business interests, and philanthropic and civic concerns and contributions. Areas of significant interest concern his parks and conservation efforts, resort development, leadership at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and business and venture-capital activities.

Arrangement: The papers are arranged in five record groups.

RG 1, Early Personal Papers, [circa 1910-1945]
RG 2, Office of the Messieurs Rockefeller Files, 1878-(1910-1962) (21 cu. ft.)
RG 3, Rockefeller Family and Associates General Files, 1942-(1962-1991) (108 cu. ft.)
RG 4, Laurance S. Rockefeller General Files, 1992-2004 (177 cu. ft.)
RG 5, Estate Papers, 2004-2008

Through 1991, records documenting LSR's activities in a particular area of interest (for example, conservation or the aviation industry) were generally filed in respective subject series within the general files of the Rockefeller Family Office, rather than being grouped with the LSR files. Consequently, the LSR Papers at times provide only a skeletal or accidental record of many of his activities and involvements in this period, and one must consult the broader general files for a fuller documentation. Starting in 1992, the Rockefeller Family Office maintained LSR's subject and personal files together as one group of records.

Conditions governing Access: Access is subject to the restrictions specified in the original deed of gift of November 13, 1986, and in the subsequent deed of gift by Laurance S. Rockefeller's executors, 2009. Materials pertaining to living Rockefeller family members are restricted. Communications between Laurance S. Rockefeller and his wife and children, all personal financial information related to LSR, and certain materials relating to intra-family matters are restricted until the year 2030.

Only RG 2, which contains the Office of the Messieurs Rockefeller (OMR) Files for Laurance S. Rockefeller, bulk dates 1910-1962, is processed and available for research. The other record groups are still unprocessed and are not as yet open to researchers.

RG 2, Office of the Messieurs Rockefeller Files (21 cubic feet)

Series 1: Correspondence, 1919-1962, 1964 (2 cubic feet)
Series 2: Personal Papers, 1910-1962 (5 cubic feet)
Series 3: Business Interests, 1946-(1952-1961)-1967 (4 cubic feet)
Series 4: Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, 1914-(1947-1961) (6 cubic feet)
Series 5: Financial Materials, 1912-1961 (CLOSED) (3 cubic feet)
Series 6: Laurance S. Rockefeller Family, 1878-(1934-1961)-1972 (1 cubic foot)

RG 3, Rockefeller Family and Associates General Files 1942-(1962-1991)

Subgroup 1: Personal and Professional
    (Series: Correspondence, Friends and Associates, Personal Papers, Boats, Business Interests, Contributions, Financial Materials, Trips)

Subgroup 2: Property, Real Estate, and Regional Interests
    (Series: Property; Woodstock, Vermont; Real Estate Interests)

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